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Newburgh Park Pals has unveiled the new LET'S PLAY! fundraising initiative to raise money for Phase I of the master plan to reimagine, reinvigorate, and rebuild the Fortress of Fun structure at Lou Dennis Community Park. Follow the donate link below, visit our Patronicity page (coming soon), or reach out to any member of the Park Pals board for more information on how to donate, get involved, and make Newburgh's parks even better. Let's Play!

We are your friends and neighbors right here in Newburgh, Indiana.  We hope you'll join us!

We sponsor events throughout the year to raise money and awareness of the value our Parks bring to Newburgh and Warrick County.

We care for and help develop all of our Park areas.  Take a look.

Join Park Pals, and stay informed about the benefits our Parks bring to the whole community.

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