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Park Pals Updates:


It's true. At the decision of the Newburgh Park Board and the Newburgh Town Council, the time has come for the Fortress of Fun to come down. Built in 1998, the beloved wooden structure was projected to last for fifteen years, and only the love and volunteer hours of the community has kept it open so far beyond its expected lifespan.

Years of planning, open forums, public commentary, and consulting with playground design and construction firms, including the national industry standard Element Design, has produced a Master Plan for the multi-phase replacement of the park. Park Pals, the non-profit fundraising arm of the Newburgh Park Board, is now launching the LET'S PLAY! fundraising initiative seeking grant, corporate sponsors, and donations from community members like you to make phase I of this plan happen. Follow the donate and contact links on this site to learn more about how to support the initiative and get involved!

See below for images from the master plan produced by Element Design for what the new structure might look like.

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Come see what Park Pals is up to! We're holding our annual open community forum meeting to gather feedback, share what's happened in the past year, and talk about what's coming next. Come make your voice heard at the community room at Lou Dennis Community Park on Monday March 11 at 6pm. Refreshments will be provided. Hope to see you all there!

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Newburgh is deciding how best to grow our parks and we want to hear from you! Come together to discuss and voice your opinions on the Newburgh Parks Dept Master Plan. There are three public forums this summer to make your voice heard, check out the flyer for more details!

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